Monday, 2 April 2012

New Year, New Start

Ok well not a new year as such but a new finiancial year so making a fresh start and Im determined to actually start posting more on my card making as Ive been very bad and its taken a back seat what with work, the house (still not sorted and been in it almost a year got very little done) and of course my number one boy (thats the horse).
In other news I did get married on the 17th March I hand made all the invites in Nov which I think caused some crafty burnout and all the Thank You cards aswell. Was a nice simple family only do and was very cheap aswell ceremony, dress, partners suit, meal for 14 of us was for less than £400 nice easy relaxed day.

Ive also dug out/ bought some more Jewellery making bits as decided would like to start doing some more of Jewellery making, glass painting and card making I will be sticking to trying to have some me crafting time at least once a week.

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