Thursday, 10 June 2010

Not good news

Well after my hospital appointment yesterday the cast is staying on for longer. Apparently the top Tibia break has healed up but the more serious bottom break has not. So another month of leg cast, then if it comes off I will have to wear a splint for quite some time. I think I can just about forget horse riding and going out on my motorbike and driving this year.

Following that feeling really frustrated and down in the dumps I know it could have been much worse but its so frustrating. At least I can go to the day long stamping and Aqua Pro Markers class at the local craft shop. The other good news is I won't have to book the week off work I wanted in July as Im signed off for the next six weeks.

Hoping that I will have calmed down by the weekend and then onto some crafting to help relax me. I think I will get OH to pick up some crafty magazines for me when he goes shopping tomorrow night. Suppose I had better think about making a cup of tea/ coffee and might go for a longish hobble on my crutches


  1. OMG,you must be feeling down at the least you have found something else you can do while you are healing!!! Take care!!
    Hugs xx

  2. aw, poor you! you sound like me! motor biking, horse riding!! (ages ago mind you!!) I had a foal born while I was away, and the ponies kept getting out, looking for me, I hated it. Luckily their field was right on the Forest so they'd just get in with the Forest ponies. Hubby, (then boyfriend and not horsey at all, ) had to drive round beeping the horn (coz they knew our car) so they would come and find him knowing there'd be grub!!


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