Saturday, 19 June 2010

Im back and have been busy

After having a few days away from any crafting, model building etc I feel better for it and managed to get really inspired today to create the following cards (aswell as making up 20 odd Paper Nation decoupage cards - pics of those tomorrow)

I have not tried doing box cards before as you can see the first attempt went a bit wrong but saved in by keeping a strip down the side to write a greeting/ stamp a greeting onto. Ive finally got the hang of my Aqua ProMarkers after much annoyance with them I can finally shade etc with them. The stamps I used on both cards are Kars Ollyfant stamp set. I though the images were really cute.

Take two went much better. For the second one I changed the colours round and rather than sticking the items on flat to the card I used silicone glue to get the 3-d decoupage effect. It was my first time using silicone glue and I think its fab.

I did add this panel to the back of the card so a message can be written and also attached the sentiment which I am thinking of removing and using something else for it.

So thats been my day. Should be doing more tomorrow and will put up the pics of my paper nation cards I got done today I was asked to make some of them up for upcoming events.

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