Thursday, 27 May 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms

Im starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not having done any card making for a couple of days (well apart from the failed attempt) Im going to have to get more organised and make sure I pack some bits into a box so I can do bits while at home. Currently I am alternating reading through several card magazines and starting the mother of all cross-stitch patterns.

Ive always done cross - stitch its an on/off hobby currently I have an aircraft cross stitch underway (its somewhere I just don't know where) as I could not locate it I decided to start another of a horse jumping. There are 9 pages of the pattern and its going to be big. If its finished in 10 years I will be happy.

Been looking at digi stamps and writing a list of some I would like to have thats kept me occupied for quite a while as well. Im also determined to fit card making in when I go back to work, well whenever that will be hopefully a month after leg comes out of cast. If thats the case I will have been off work 6 months


  1. You will work out a happy balance and watch out the digi images are so addictive.......I don't think I will ever get to colour all that I

  2. Ive found so many I want to get don't know if/when I would use them but they are so fab. I love the idea of just printing them off and colouring.

    Im sure I will work out a good balance and until I am back at work Im just going to enjoy myself playing with the bits I have and working on techniques etc :0)


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