Sunday, 9 May 2010

Internet has decided to stop working

Sorry for lack of updates and pics but the internet connection has gone down so when it is back working (fingers crossed for Saturday) expect a biggish update when it is working.I am working on an Oriental themed card and have done an ATC as well.


  1. Hi Sam, sorry to hear about your internet. Mine is always playing around, its really frustrating!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have made this week, oriental sounds interesting, lol! Hope you have had a good week though, take care hugs Heidi xx

  2. Some times the Internet can be a pain!! mainly because I have to do something else if it's not working, like work....(agh, I wither away like the wicked witch, crying something about water...) Glad you liked Eddy the Elephant, not sure what I'll do next week, no ones told me yet!!



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