Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Ive been in a bit of pain after stupidly getting sunburnt on my arms and hands on Sunday. I popped out for a bit of radio controlled flying with dad put suntan lotion on and three hours later after much holding the transmitter and many flights I could barely move my arms.

Yesterday was awful so I did not even attempt to start any cards however after much aftersun it still stings but not as bad so I think I will attempt to make one or two cards today. I will be using a Flower Fairies set that came with Let's Make Cards to just make some straightforward simple ones. I will of course still be playing around and thinking of trying different card folds etc.

Another reason for this is my card making stuff is at boyfriends parents house and Im at home armed only with some glue, knife and a ruler. (We are hoping to get a place of our own next year - fingers crossed)


  1. OMG I have been sunburnt before and its painful,I hope it feels better soon!!!

  2. ouch hope u feel better soon.i have had my eyelids and hands sun burnt..very sore

  3. Hope your sunburn is a bit better today! Put loads of after-sun on!! That's coming from one who knows! Thank you for putting the banner on your side bar!! I'm going to do a monthly candy.
    Have a good day! oh..and don't forget to leave a few crafty 'bits' out new week for WOYWW!
    Have a good day!!


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