Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bad day and new arrivals

Well today got off too a bad start a neighbour knocked on the the door to tell Allen (fiance) that at 3 this morning some young idiot decided to go down the opposite side of the street and knocked every single car drivers door mirror off the car the entire length of the road. Unfortunately Allen's car was parked on the opposite side of the street as dad was parked on our front. 3 hours later the mirror electrics and bracket appeared to be fixed and back on the door until we went over a speed bump and it snapped again. Lots of mumbling under breath happened.

Worse bit was it happened on the speed bump outside the craft shop where Allen was taking me (yes I do feel slightly guilty). I carried out my threat and bought myself a tote I was really happy its a Papermania one and cost me £12. While there I also picked up a dragonfly stamp with sheet music behind the dragonfly for £2 and some new watercolour pencils. I would like to make it known I only actually went to look at tote bags no purchasing was intended.

My nestibilities arrived in the post this morning but I don't think the Cuttlebug will arrive until Tuesday as coming by a courier firm rather than Royal Mail and Saturday delivery is extra for some reason?

After all the hassle this morning I have only done one easy straightforward card as I just needed to relax. Here it is, one of the Kanban Wobblers they are so sweet I had to get the Zebra :0) Hopefully I will be able to get some others done today aswell. Im actually debating about making a start on Christmas cards already that way I won't have to rush or think about them at Christmas.

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  1. Aw!! I love this zebra, he's rellllly cute!! and tell your other half, they're not felt tip pens, they are Promakers!! (Completely different thing! ) Love your nesties and great tote bag, not got one of them. Yes, my hubby is good isn't he, our Hobby craft is about....28-30 miles round trip, I know I should think of petrol, but there were Promakers!!!


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