Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Well I have reached the conclusion when I try using card set's that come with magazines it turns into a disaster. Im going to hang fire and wait till I can get to my crafting bits. Im beginning to think I could do with a tote or something I can pack so I can move some of my crafty bits between the two places. That would be better that way I dont have to wait until the weekend to try and get it all done.

Oh well at least Im getting some more bonding time in with new hamster (the previous one Fruitloop (in my blogger avatar) passed away in Feb this year on my 25th Birthday which was also after I broke leg not a good year so far) he's named Gizmo he will have been with us a week tomorrow and is doing well still jumpy at some noises but took to us handling him very well. Only one bad photo so far as he won't stay still long enough

and my previous sweetie Fruitloop


  1. aww how cute!
    I have tried using card sets that come with magazines and i never have any luck either.

  2. Phew glad its not just me. Left to my own devices with random paper, stamps etc I appear to be fine but with a set that all matches etc it goes all wrong


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