Thursday, 6 May 2010

Drum roll...........

I have actually managed to play around with some water colour pencils and aqua pro markers and I think the pics are slightly better as well (woooo)I think the pencils have worked better for me than the pro markers but I think I must be going wrong somewhere with them.

I picked up the rubber stamps for £1 each (apart from the Christmas Pud and Penny Black Cat ones) I thought that was extremely good.I just stamped several of each image and coloured one in pencil one in pro markers. Im sure you will be able to see the difference but the lighter ones are the pencils.

The ink down the side of one of the pieces of card was me playing with some distress inks and sponge.I was not too careful with stamping the images as I just wanted to really try out the colouring aspect.I also did them on scrap card although one or two maybe cut out and used as card toppers

Again any comments etc are always welcomed


  1. WOW Sam these are beautiful,you have done a brilliant job with colouring!!! If you are not happy with your pro markers,just keep practising.I kept practising with my copics and am happy with how I colour now.

  2. Hi Sam

    I found a few tutorials on pro markers,I hope they will see the others to the right hand side of the screen.Here it is

  3. Hi Cheryl thank you so much for the link to the tutorials. I think I will invest in some other colour pro markers as well as the Aqua Pro markers seem to be deep bright colours which are fab for some of the stamps I have but a bit overkill for the others.

    Thank you so much for the feedback. I am quite happy with how they have turned out as I have never been very artist and when I had to do art at school everything I did turned into a disaster. I admit I did not do much colouring in as a child either I was more a reader and outdoors child.

  4. yay! These are great Sam, it's a good idea to and a go with different colours and pens. I do love my promakers..but I use the permanent ones. I have got the Aqua, well, six of them! but prefer the permanent ones. Hey, don't say never been an artist! Everyones an artist!! We're all just different!!
    As Cheryl said, The YouTube tutorials are great. just google !!


    and...when you're typing out your post, are you giving it a title? is there a place for a title?

  5. Wow you have been busy. Great colouring.


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