Thursday, 29 July 2010

A leg update

Thought today I would give a bit of a leg update (and a card making update).

On the leg front my leg escaped from its cast 4 weeks ago and I had physio at the hospital this morning and they signed me off the books today. It should be a 6-8 week course they have signed me off after 3 weeks. I was finding the exercises too easy and I was on the highest level. I still need to carry on with the exercises etc but they said I might ass well do them at home rather than keep coming in for 30 mins every Thursday it sounded good to me :0) Im not back for another x-ray until the 1stof September and to see the consultant again. Last night I had a riding lesson and I stayed on for the full hour. I had two 3min rests as it was really tiring. I did everything I normally do but had to do mainly sitting trot as rising trot started to hurt after a while.

I had a really great time. I got home and my leg/ ankle was the size of 4 tennis balls taped together but I was not in any pain. Put leg up on beanbag and popped some frozen peas onto and got up this morning and it was still fine :0)

On the card making front I have been working on something that my partner wants me to enter into a competition as he thinks it is good. I know I probably won't get anywhere with it and after several excuses I gave about why I should not enter Ive given in. I just need to pop out to the craft shop tomorrow for the finishing touch.

Im back at work I started back on Monday but only did Monday and Wednesday this week next week Im doing three days and the following week four hopefully if I survive that the next week I should be back up to five days again. Cue the weekends passing by far too quickly again :0)

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  1. well done on getting through your physio in three weeks... I had a mad hospital driver to take me to mine (years back) and I just HAD to get out of them other wise get 'dead' in another accident!! (he was that mad!) Hubby then boyfriend (told you it was years ago) altered my clutch on my motor bike so I could press down instead of lifting it up. I think having a mad hospital driver got me back on my bike sooner, I felt safer! Even after all this time tho my left stirrup is a notch shorter than my right, but now I have no ponies I don't ride. So??? Card Competition??? sounds interesting!! Will look out for that!...I'm 'thinking' about doing one too!


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