Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Work Underway

Im busy working away at another card for a weekly Challenge. Fingers crossed I will have the pics up of the card by the end of Friday :0) I would take a pic of work in progress but the desk looks like a bomb has just gone off and I still can not find the one thing I was looking for (typical really)

Thankfully Im not at work today was really busy yesterday and after flat out working at work I went straight to the gym and then swimming. To say I was tired by 10pm is an understatement. At least I know it is doing my leg some good. Im riding again on Wednesday and really looking forward to it.

I also appear to now have a fishtank in my room as well as the hamster cage. Hopefully on Friday there will be some fish in it. Decided to start off with Goldfish then maybe look at Tropical in the future. I have not kept fish for about 10-12 years Im sure it will be fine though.

I did get this card made for my riding instructor over the weekend but I seem to have forgotten to post it (D'oh)

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